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Ecommerce Marketing Tips – 17 Proven Ecommerce Marketing Tips

It’s rare for a customer to stumble across your ecommerce product and instantly buy it. Most shoppers take time to research and do their own due diligence before they decide to part with their money. This means that it’s up to you, as the ecommerce marketer, to keep them engaged and convince them that your product is the best option for them. To do that, you need a well-thought-out ecommerce marketing strategy.

In order to increase sales and conversions, ecommerce tips from Responspartner marketers need to use all of the tools in their tool belt. This includes everything from email marketing to social media to localization. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 17 proven tactics that will improve your ecommerce marketing.

The most effective way to nurture leads and convert new customers is through email marketing. This tactic allows you to send targeted, automated emails that educate your audience about the problem they’re trying to solve or the solution your product offers. It also allows you to provide an opportunity for them to purchase. In fact, every dollar spent on email marketing generates $40 in return.

For example, if a user visits your site to buy a new car seat, you can follow up with an email sequence that explains how to properly install and utilize the device. This will increase your chances of a sale by helping your customer avoid potential mistakes and ensure that they get the most out of their product.

Another effective tactic is retargeting through social media and search engines. These strategies allow you to target audiences based on the pages they visit, keywords they’ve used, and other factors that can indicate their buying intent. Retargeting campaigns can also be effective for increasing the conversion rate of existing visitors by targeting users that have already visited your website and attempting to persuade them to complete their purchase.

One way to upsell and cross-sell customers is by offering product bundles. This is a great way to increase your revenue without having to spend much on acquiring a new customer. Product bundles are typically cheaper than individual products and they provide an opportunity to introduce customers to a larger product lineup. This is especially effective when a customer has already shown interest in one of your product models, such as a laptop or camera.

Adding a “similar items” section to your ecommerce store can also improve your conversions by encouraging more browsing and upselling. This tactic is popular with Amazon and has been proven to increase the amount of money a customer spends on your site.

Other methods of personalizing your ecommerce marketing include using targeted popups and slide-in campaigns with OptinMonster. For instance, you can use MonsterLinks to trigger a personalized upsell or cross-sell campaign whenever a visitor adds something to their cart. The campaigns can be customized based on the location of the visitor, and you can even hide these campaigns from visitors that don’t qualify for them.