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Discover Statement Collective’s Bold Rings

Discover Statement Collective’s Bold Rings

Make a bold statement with the right accessory. Discover a range of rings that add drama to any look, from a simple gold band to an intricately woven napkin ring. Add dainty huggie earrings, a chain bracelet, or stackable rings to your look for the ultimate curated statement.

Then, pair your statement pieces with a matching scarf or belt for a cohesive look. From a black-on-gold signet ring to a red poppy statement ring, turn heads with your one-of-a-kind style.

From a wide band to a bold dome shape, these statement rings will become the focal point of your collection. Designed to be worn every day, these ring styles are made by talented artisans. Each piece is crafted with sterling silver and high-quality gemstones, to ensure long-lasting beauty.

If you prefer a minimal design, explore the Minimal Signet Ring Discover Statement Collective’s Bold Rings! Gold or the Flame Ring Gold. For a tad bit more detail, the Mini Oval Scroll Signet Ring Gold is a great option. Alternatively, you can also get a more bold aesthetic with the Graveyard Signet Ring Gold or the Onyx Sovereign Ring Gold.

If you want a ring that embodies your faith, choose the Moissanite Cross Ring. It has a substantial, luxurious feel and features a distinctive cross adorned with ethically sourced, near-colorless Moissanite gems that shine with exceptional brilliance. It’s crafted with durable 925 sterling silver and thick 14K gold plating to deliver the same opulent finish as natural diamonds—only at a fraction of the cost! It’s available in white, yellow, and rose gold in sizes 7 to 11 for a polished, sophisticated look.