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Blue Tree Coaching Review – The BT500 ELD and Fleet Management Solutions

Blue Tree Coaching is a high performance life and business coaching service. Founded by Sindy Warren, a Stanford Law School lawyer, yoga instructor, published author, blogger and podcaster, the company helps clients create powerful results in their lives, personally and professionally.

The company’s high-tech offerings are complemented by more traditional customer service and a strong support network that includes a dedicated account manager, dedicated tech team and a slew of free resources. Those who want to improve their lives or start their own business can find guidance in the form of strategic lead generation and more.

BT500 ELD & Fleet Management Solutions

The ELD is one of the oldest entries in Blue Tree Coaching HR Consulting line, but its latest offerings have been on the market for a while now and it’s safe to say that its newest products are on the cutting edge of truck telematics technology. In addition to a shiny new mobile app that can be slapped on a tablet or worn by the driver, the company’s newest offering also includes a handful of smart features designed to improve efficiencies and save money for all involved.

First of all, the BT500 is an impressive looking device. It is capable of recording everything from engine data to GPS navigation and even logging IFTA fuel transactions. Its most exciting feature, however, is its ability to be hidden under the dash – making it a stealthy winner for fleets concerned about theft or driver misconduct.

It also has an impressively comprehensive and detailed dashboard, which displays a wide range of information in a clear and informative manner. It can be easily integrated with other apps and services, such as fleet management software or even IFTA reporting services.

Other notables:

It’s not exactly a secret that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience, which is why you’ll see many instructors use interactive techniques and simulations in their teachings. But there are plenty of other strategies for learning in a fun and engaging way, from online courses to video lessons to physical activity.